Yahya Hoca

Yahya hoca ile 1993 yılında “İktisadi Sistemler” dersinde tanıştım ama daha o derse girmeden kendisi hakkında çok şey duymuştum. İlginç bir hocayla karşılaşacağımdan emin olarak derse başladım ve Yahya hocadan geçmenin zor olduğunu bildiğim için derse odaklandım. Yanlış hatırlamıyorsam, o derste von Hayek’in “Kölelik Yolu” başlıklı kitabını okutuyordu. Tabii biz eski baskıdan okumuştuk, “Esaret Yolu”Continue reading “Yahya Hoca”

2019 Nobel Prize in Economics: A Reading List

Today (25.11.2019), TINT is organizing a little event about the 2019 Nobel Prize in Economics (see the poster below). For those who are unable to attend, I prepared a quick reading list that contains some articles about the 2019 Prize as well as some critical perspectives about the work of Nobel Laureates. Of course, thisContinue reading “2019 Nobel Prize in Economics: A Reading List”

Understanding with theoretical models

ABSTRACT. This paper discusses the epistemic import of highly abstract and simplified theoretical models using Thomas Schelling’s checkerboard model as an example. We argue that the epistemic contribution of theoretical models can be better understood in the context of a cluster of models relevant to the explanatory task at hand. The central claim of theContinue reading “Understanding with theoretical models”

Philosophy of Economics – Syllabus

This semester I am teaching the Philosophy of Economics course at the Erasmus University Rotterdam to the students of Erasmus School of Economics. Here is the  Syllabus, which also includes a reading list. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Understanding Economic Models (Course)

Course code: FILM-353, Understanding Economic Models, 5 cr, University of Helsinki Syllabus (fall 2016) This is a course that will improve your understanding of economics, and broaden your horizon concerning what economists do. We will present you the necessary tools and tricks to tackle very difficult questions concerning the status of economics as a science.Continue reading “Understanding Economic Models (Course)”

Economics Students Review Rodrik’s Economics Rules

Dani Rodrik’s excellent new book Economics Rules was one of the required readings for my Comparative Schools of Economic Thought course at Boğaziçi University (Istanbul, Turkey). Below are some of the reviews written for this course. Enjoy!   Pietro Trevisan Volta: Dani Rodrik’s Economic Rules: Defending economics against economists? A critical review [PDF] Ipek Kavasoglu: From Weakness To Strength: A Review of DaniContinue reading “Economics Students Review Rodrik’s Economics Rules”