Obligatory photo in front of the Helsinki Cathedral.

Obligatory photo in front of the Helsinki Cathedral.

I am a philosopher of economics working at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Helsinki. I am a member of the Centre for Philosophy of Social Science (TINT).

I am one of the Editors of the Journal of Economic Methodology, and a member of the Editorial Board of the History of Economic Ideas.

I have a PhD from the Erasmus School of Philosophy, Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands). After earning my BSc. and M.A. degrees in economics at Ankara University (Turkey), I completed the MPhil program in Philosophy and Economics at  the Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics (EIPE). My PhD thesis supervisors were Jack Vromen and Maarten Janssen. I defended my thesis against a committee that included Mark Blaug, Uskali Mäki, and Robert Sugden as its members.

Before coming to Helsinki, I worked as an Associate Professor of Economics at Bahçeşehir University (Istanbul, Turkey). Apart from my academic writing, I also write for a wider audience. My opinion pieces were published by Wall Street Journal Turkey, Business HT and TEPAV Blog. I used to write policy notes for TEPAV (Economic Policy Research Foundation Turkey).

For more information, check out my booksarticles, policy notes, opinion pieces, etc. My detailed CV is here.

If you’d like to contact me for some reason, my e-mail address is: aydinonat [at] gmail.com