Philosophy of Economics courses around the globe

Here is a list of Philosophy of Economics courses offered at different universities and their syllabi. I compiled this list first by using simple Google search and then asking people on Twitter. I would be grateful if you help me expand this list. Thank you.



  • Maarten Janssen. Methodology of Economics. University of Vienna. 2020. Syllabus.


  • N. Emrah Aydinonat & Michiru Nagatsu. Understanding Economic Models. University of Helsinki. 2018. Syllabus.


  • Beatrice Cherrier. Understanding the development of modern economics through major controversies. École Polytechnique. 2019. Syllabus.  (Although not exactly a PhilEcon course, inspiring syllabus for philosophers of economics)


  • Francesco Guala. Philosophy of Economics. Università degli Studi di Milano. 2020. Syllabus.


  • Josafat Iván Hernández Cervantes. Introducción a la filosofía de la economía. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). 2021. Syllabus.


  • Catherine Herfeld. Philosophy of Economics. University of Zurich. 2018. Syllabus.
  • Paul Hoyningen-Huene. Introduction to the Philosophy of Economics. University of Zurich. 2019. Syllabus.
  • Lorenzo Casini and Christian Wüthrich. Philosophy of Economics. University of Geneva. 2019. Syllabus.

The Netherlands

  • Jack Vromen & N. Emrah Aydinonat. Philosophy of Economics. Erasmus University Rotterdam. 2017. Syllabus.


  • Altuğ Yalçıntaş. Research Methodologies and Scientific Ethics in Economics. Ankara University. 2018. Course material.
  • Hüseyin Özel. Economic Methodology. Hacettepe University. 2020. Online lectures (Youtube).


  • Johanna Thoma, Campbell Brown, Richard Bradley & Kate Vredenburgh. Philosophy of Economics. LSE. 2020. Syllabus.

United States

  • Dan Hausman. Philosophy of Economics. University of Wisconsin-Madison. 2015. Syllabus.
  • Matthias Brinkmann. Philosophy of Economics. University of Virginia. 2018. Syllabus.
  • Patricia Marino. Special Topics: Philosophy of Economics. University of Waterloo. 2019. Syllabus.
  • Kevin Zollman. Philosophy of Economics. Carnegie Mellon University. 2013. Syllabus.
  • Kevin Hoover. The Philosophy and Methodology of Economics. Duke University. 2014. Syllabus.
  • Mark Sagoff. Philosophy of Economics. George Mason University. 2015. Syllabus.
  • Daniel Finn. Economics, Philosophy, and Method. College of Saint Benedict, Saint John’s University. 2017. Syllabus.

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